Parkour UK Return to Move Guidance

We understand this is an incredibly tough and confusing time for our members, coaches and gym owners around the UK. In this current phase while gyms are re-opening there are frequent changes to lockdown conditions – nationally and locally.  

Here in our Return to Move page we are supporting members in a number of ways: 

  • A Parkour & COVID toolkit – this is a downloadable file of examples of best practice from a number of our members of risk assessments, coaches guidance and other examples. These are free to use and adapt for your own gym.
  • A weekly update of general guidance from Parkour UK. 
  • Links to the UK and devolved nation’s live guidance, and that of the corresponding sports bodies


Current live guidance from governments and sports bodies: 

The UK government and each of the devolved Nations have the latest and frequently updated guidelines available, and we would encourage individuals and organisations to look at the relevant local guidelines in the first instance for implementation.   

Feel free to contact us directly if you have a specific question or need. 

Parkour UK has further provided this information to help individuals and member organisations to implement these guidelines with practical tips and considerations:

England – Updated 23rd September  

Live Updates: 

UK Government (England) 

UK Active 

Sport England


Indoor Classes: 

New restrictions have been announced in regards to indoor organised sports on 23 September – only 6 people can participate at once. 

“From 24 September, when the NHS Covid-19 app becomes available, it will also be a legal requirement for the same venues to display an NHS Test and Trace QR poster, which enables visitors with the app to check in at that location.” UK Government Guidelines 

Create your QR poster here: 

From 24 September, organised indoor sport and indoor exercise classes can continue to take place with larger numbers present, provided groups of more than six do not mix. If groups of six are likely to mix, these indoor activities must not go ahead. There is an exemption on organised indoor team sports for disabled people.” UK Government Guidelines 

Classes can continue assuming you have COVID-safe measures in place with the following recommendations: 

  • Groups of no more than 6 to share an area – with our recommended subgroups of 3 or less sharing equipment still in place. 
  • You can have multiple groups of 6 sharing a space assuming adequate space and strict hygiene measures are in place 
  • Where possible we would suggest creating ‘bubbles’ of 6 where your regular students mix in the same groups each time they attend. 
  • Be extra vigilant of groups gathering before and after class. 
  • This new guidance does not apply to under 18s – our recommendation is to continue with your current format for those age groups.  

You can see the UK Government’s COVID measures for leisure facilities here


This ‘can and can’t do’ advice may also be useful


Outdoor Classes: 

“If you are a personal trainer/coach you can now work with clients outdoors, providing you are meeting no more than 5 other people, outdoors, and you follow social distancing guidelines…. You can meet with different clients in a single day as long as it is in gatherings of no more than 6 and you are maintaining social distancing” – UK Government Guidelines  

We would recommend that you hold outdoor classes with no more than 5 students and 1 coach – but you can do any many of these as you want in a single day.  


Parkour practice: 

When playing sports informally (where not organised in line with the rules above) with people you don’t live with, you must limit the size of your group to 6. It is illegal to do so in a larger group and you may be fined UK Government Guidelines 

In regards to informal jams and meet-ups, it may be difficult to justify larger jams to police, local authorities and the public. These are a form of social gathering and a form of informal sport and we recommend that jams/meet ups should not go ahead unless complying with the current group and household meeting rule of 6. 

There are local lockdowns in:
  • Bolton
  • Greater Manchester 
  • Leicester 
  • Northampton 
  • North East of England 
  • North West of England 
  • West Midlands 
  • West Yorkshire

 please refer here for further guidance 




Live Updates: 

Scottish Government 

Sports Scotland 


Indoor Classes: 

We would recommend that indoor classes can take place assuming your venue has COVID measures in place.  

You can see the Scottish governments COVID measures for leisure facilities here 


Outdoor Classes: 

Personal training or coaching may take place if it is outdoors and, physical distancing can be maintained. Coaches and personal trainers may work outdoors with groups of up to thirty participants, if there is sufficient space to maintain physical distancing.” – Scottish Government Guidelines 

We would recommend that you hold outdoor classes with the standard 8:1 student:coach ratio and no more than 30 people in total. You can do any many of these as you want in a single day. 


Parkour practice: 

You may meet outdoors with members of one other household, up to a maximum group size of 6, for exercise or activity.  – Scottish Government Guidelines 

In regards to informal jams and meet-ups, it may be difficult to justify larger jams to police, local authorities and the public. These are a form of social gathering and we recommend that jams/meet ups should not go ahead unless complying the current group and household meeting rules. 


There are local lockdowns in:  
  • East Dunbartonshire 
  • East Renfrewshire 
  • Glasgow City 
  • North Lanarkshire 
  • Renfrewshire 
  • South Lanarkshire
  • West Dunbartonshire  

please refer here for further guidance 

Northern Ireland 


Live Updates 

Northern Irish Government 

Sport Northern Ireland 

The 15 person limit for gathering does not apply to gatherings of a particular nature, including those organised for: 

  • cultural
  • entertainment
  • recreational
  • outdoor sports
  • social 
  • community
  • educational
  • work
  • legal
  • religious
  • political purposes


The organiser must have carried out a risk assessment which meets the requirement of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000 and take all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus. 

In effect, indoor and outdoor gatherings of over 15 people for sporting purposes are permitted if the conditions set out above are met. – Northern Ireland Government 

Indoor Classes: 

We would recommend that indoor classes can take place assuming your venue has COVID measures in place.  


Outdoor Classes: 

We would recommend that you hold outdoor classes with the standard 8:1 student:coach ratio and no more than 30 people in total. You can do any many of these as you want in a single day. 

In regards to informal jams and meet-ups, it may be difficult to justify larger jams to police, local authorities and the public. These are a form of social gathering and we recommend that jams/meet ups should go ahead cautiously – they could be seen as a form of organised and so exempt from the rule of 15 people but this is a grey area.  


There are local lockdowns in: 
  • Belfast City Council area   
  • postcode area BT28   
  • postcode area BT29 
  • the town of Ballymena 
  • postcode area BT43 


please refer here for further guidance 



Live Updates: 

Welsh Government 

Sport Wales 

Gyms and leisure centres have to put measures in place to ensure social distancing, good hygiene, the wearing of face coverings (where appropriate), and a gathering of people exercising or playing sport together must not exceed 30 people” – Welsh Government Guidelines 

Indoor Classes: 

We would recommend that indoor classes can take place assuming your venue has COVID measures in place.  

You can see the Welsh government’s COVID measures for leisure facilities here


Outdoor Classes: 

Gatherings of up to 30 people are now permitted outdoors. ….Outdoor gatherings no longer need to be organised by a business, a public body or charitable institution, a club, or the national governing body of sport or other activity. Social distancing should still be maintained between people who are not part of the same household (or extended household.”  – Welsh Government Guidelines 

We would recommend that you hold outdoor classes with the standard 8:1 student:coach ratio and no more than 30 people in total. You can do any many of these as you want in a single day. 


Parkour practice: 

In regards to informal jams and meet-ups, it may be difficult to justify larger jams to police, local authorities and the public. These are a form of social gathering and we recommend that jams/meet ups should not go ahead unless complying the current group and household meeting rules. 

There are local lockdowns in: 
  • Caerphilly County Borough 
  • Rhondda Cynon Taf 
  • Bridgend 
  • Newport City 
  • Blaenau Gwent County Borough 

please refer here for further guidance 

Parkour UK’s 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Parkour UK’s 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Friday 25th September at 1730 – 1830. Below is the agenda that we will work to. To confirm your attendance please sign up here.  

Following the AGM we will outlining our immediate plans, by presenting an insight report on the coaching companies active in the Parkour community and how we intent to respond. You can sign up for this event here.


AGM Agenda

For:                         All Members

Date:                      Friday 25 September 2020

Time:                      1730 – 1830

Welcome & Introductions

–       Apologies

–       Minutes of the 2019 AGM

–       Matters arising

–       Declarations of Interests


Report of the activities of the Company


Report from the Independent Chair


Directors report & company accounts



–       Outcome of Elected Director process (Scotland)

–       Appointment of Independent Directors

–       Matters, motions or proposals from the voting members

Voting Members



Date & location of next AGM – July 2021


Parkour UK Celebrates Dawn Of A New Era

Parkour UK, the officially recognised national governing body for Parkour and freerunning in the UK, has secured a £120,000 funding grant from Sport England.

In addition to supporting executive capacity the investment will enable the launch and implementation of the NGBs next development phase clearly defined by the 2019 -2023 ‘Move with Purpose’ strategic plan.

Dan Newton, the newly appointed CEO at Parkour UK, says:

Dan  Newton 
Chief Executive Officer 
Parkour UK 

“This news is most welcome. Since the autumn of last year, whilst on secondment from Rounders England, I have been working with the Parkour UK Board of Directors and the Parkour community to clearly define our priorities. My appointment as CEO officially begins next month (July). With the support of a reenergized Board and the investment from Sport England, I am excited to be able to lead our organisation into a new and significant era in its development.”

“Despite the term ‘Parkour’ first being documented back in 1998, its practice was only officially recognised as a sport, with Parkour UK awarded official NGB status, in 2016. As a result, the sport is only at the start of its professional journey and we need to ensure the professional foundations are in place to support and safeguard the interests of our practitioners. I am leading a passionate Board, driven by an ambition to amplify the social impact of Parkour across the country through best practice governance, a market research driven understanding of Parkour’s social value and successful strategic delivery.”

Parkour UK has laid out its intent in ‘Move With Purpose’, a three year strategic plan due to launch this summer, designed to build a sustainable and resilient future for the sport.

Dan continues:

“This Sport England investment will enable us to expand our resources and provide the vital capacity we need to deliver against our ongoing objectives. We intend to commission extensive independent market research to deepen the understanding of our community’s need and the value Parkour delivers to society. This will enable the formulation of strategies based on solid market intelligence, ensuring resource is allocated where it delivers most impact. We also intend to make two new appointments to extend our team and provide the on the ground support we need to drive the NGB towards the achievement of strategic targets.”

Stephen Mitchell, Independent Chair, Parkour UK, adds:

“This funding award unlocks so much potential. With executive resource and a Board of high performing, passionate professions now in place, I look forward to working with Dan to drive this forward thinking, inclusive and modern NGB towards success. We are totally committed to the achievement of Tier 2a classification of the Code of Sports Governance, providing solid professional foundations from which to deliver against all objectives outlined in ‘Move with Purpose’, steering the sport of Parkour towards a more resilient and sustainable future.”

The Sport England grant has been awarded to 12 months from April 2020, enabling Parkour UK to move its strategic plans forward. Speaking of the award, Phil Smith, Director of Sport, Sport England says:

“Since Parkour UK achieved recognised NGB status in 2016, the team has worked incredibly hard to create a stable foundation on which to grow. This new funding award will enable Dan and the team to continue their good work, moving Parkour UK into a new phase of its journey”

Opportunities to work for Parkour UK

As Parkour UK begin a new era we are recruiting two positions; the roles are Development Manager and Development Co-ordinator. Both will work alongside the Chief Executive Officer and board to understand and support the Parkour community and to deliver our ‘Moving with Purpose’ strategy.

The objectives set out in the ‘Moving with Purpose’ strategy are:

  1. Grow our community – Increasing the number of qualified coaches, growing the number of communities and practitioners, and sharing best practice and sustainable models
  2. Communicate, educate and influence – Influence and advocacy, a media and communications strategy and Parkour parks and facility guidance.
  3. Maximise culture and commercial opportunities – Leveraging investment for social, health and wellbeing interventions, a digital strategy and working with the leisure operator, health and fitness sector.
  4. Build our capacity and resources – Securing continued capacity investment for a core team, working in partnership with other lifestyle sports and leveraging external investment through commercial and social partnerships.
  5. Insight and impact – Developing an efficient and effective way of capturing participation data and understanding the community (workforce and participants).

If you would like to discuss either of the roles, please contact [email protected].

Parkour UK Announces New CEO

Dan Newton has been appointed CEO of Parkour UK, the officially recognised National Governing Body for Parkour and freerunning in the UK.

Dan is no newcomer to Parkour UK. Since September 2019, Dan has held the role of Interim CEO whilst on part-time secondment from his 9-year role as Development Director with Rounders England. During this period, Dan has worked closely with the Board of Parkour UK, the wider Parkour community as well as partners and stakeholders, to develop a strategy, built on solid governance foundations, that will enable the NGB to drive growth and sustainability.

“Parkour UK has reached a pivotal point in its development,” explains Newton. “Part of my remit, as interim CEO, focused on the recruitment, appointment and induction of two, Independent Directors in order to onboard new skills and expertise at the executive level. Both are now in place and, along with the incumbent Directors, will support me in our drive to achieve Tier 2 compliance of the Code of Sports Governance and deliver the next phase of our 2020 strategy – Moving with Purpose.” Commenting on the secondment “I am really grateful to Katherine Knight, Natalie Justice-Dearn and the board at Rounders England for their support to make the most of the opportunity; forward-thinking leadership that cares about the people.”

Dan Newton, CEO, Parkour UK

Having graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Development and Coaching, Dan began his sporting career as a Development Officer with South Yorkshire Sport. This led to a role as Governing Bodies Officer for Derbyshire Sport and from here he went on to play an instrumental part in the strategic delivery, funding drive and intellectual development at Rounders England.

Throughout his career, Dan has made a huge commitment to advancing his own skills and expertise, completing many renowned professional development programmes. Most notably, in 2015, Dan graduated from the highly acclaimed, Sport England Leadership and Management Programme, affiliated to the Cranfield University School of Management. He then went on to mentor others through a Sport England led Mentoring Programme.

Speaking of the appointment, Stephen Mitchell, Independent Chair, Parkour UK, says:

“Dan is perfectly placed to steer Parkour UK through its next, significant, development phase. His dedication to the professionalisation of sports governance and proven track record in securing funding and creating commercial partnerships, coupled with his comprehensive knowledge of the wider sporting landscape and passion to gain Parkour the visibility, professional recognition and commercial buy-in that the sport deserves, make him the ideal candidate for the job.

I would like to extend my thanks to Katherine Knight, Chair at Rounders England, for facilitating the initial period of Dan’s professional development and creating a game-changing opportunity for us to appoint an incredibly passionate and experienced CEO who will lead our executive team and the wider Parkour community through the next phase of the sport’s development.”

Stephen Mitchell, Independent Chair, Parkour UK

Dan’s appointment as CEO will begin on July 1, 2020. He adds: “I have been keen to secure a CEO position for a while and was just waiting for the right opportunity. The sport of Parkour is unique in many ways and while it is predominantly driven by youth, its core principles – exploration, adaptation and problem solving, delivered through the execution of functional movement patterns, gives the sport’s relevance across the whole life course.

“For children as young as 18 months, practice encourages creativity, confidence and independent thinking whilst in older adults the sport improves balance and agility, helping to guard against trips and falls. This, for me, extends the value of Parkour way beyond the field of play delivering benefits that expand into everyday life and is one of the reasons I am so keen to play my part in the ongoing professional development of the sport.

The community is very entrepreneurial, celebrating individualism, creativity and self-expression. As the officially recognised National Governing Body, we need to provide a framework that allows the sport to thrive and safeguards practitioners whilst also respecting the sports core values, spirit and ethos. This is a challenge I look forward to facing along with my colleagues on the Board and beyond.”

In addition to his CEO role with Parkour UK, Dan is also an Independent Director at Boccia England, Chair of the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s Development Directors Knowledge Sharing Forum and Lay Member of the South Yorkshire & Humber Recruitment Advisory Committee, responsible for recruiting magistrates to serve across the region.

Parkour UK Announces New Board Appointments

Parkour UK, the officially recognised National Governing Body for Parkour and freerunning in the UK, has bolstered its Board with the appointment of two, new Independent Directors.

Independent Chair, Stephen Mitchell, explains: “These latest appointments have resulted from natural evolution and will play a vital role in the successful delivery of our new 2020 strategy – Moving with Purpose. The additional skills, expertise and professional perspectives delivered by these new Board members will also support our ambition to build a progressive, high performing organisation that epitomises best practice in modern NGB governance as outlined in the Code of Sports Governance.

Natasha Preville (BSc, MSc, Dip.) brings with her 20 years cross-sector experience, including more than a decade in media production where she delivered numerous award-winning campaigns for the BBC and Red Bee Media. As a keen advocate for the vital, transcending role education, sport and culture can play in transforming lives, Natasha launched a consultancy business focused on helping young people to identify and access opportunities to thrive within the culture, media and sports industries.

“I have always been impassioned to create environments where young people can reach their full potential,” explains Natasha. “Everybody deserves a chance to shine and demonstrate their skills, irrespective of their background or experience.

“This is why I feel so passionately about joining Parkour UK. Parkour is an incredible and versatile sport. In fact, for me, it is more than a sport. It offers unpreceded access to a community that transcends culture, with individuals connected by a drive to continually overcome limitations, through creativity, skill and determination.

Natasha Preville

“The growing, global popularity of the sport is driven by a youth movement. This creates its own challenges. In part, there is a natural desire to impose restrictions in order to manage perceived risks, however, the sport’s ethos of freedom and self-expression, ‘To Be and To Last’, presents an interesting balance of Risk-Benefit. I look forward to supporting the provision of a safe practice framework that protects and preserves Parkour’s ‘free flow’ movement and creative foundations. I am also keen to use my experience to heighten positive awareness of Parkour, moving beyond limiting beliefs and ultimately drive effective future growth and sustainability.”

Natasha has been joined by Hannah Holland (BA Hons, CIM), a marketeer with more than 20 years’ experience, managing domestic and international projects, both in the public and private sectors.

Between 2015 and 2019, Hannah was a member of the senior management team at Rounders England where she oversaw the delivery of ‘Profile’, one of three strategic pillars underpinning the NGB’s vision and mission. During her time in post, Hannah secured and implemented significant Sport England funding to facilitate the brand creation of ‘We Are All Rounders’, a consumer-facing campaign designed to drive participation and form a closer connection between the rounders community and the NGB. Hannah also re-modelled the membership programme, creating the Rounders England Members’ Club.

“At Rounders England I was constantly challenged by the fact that we had huge ambitions for the NGB in terms of participation but very limited resource. I will bring learnings from my experience at Rounders England and beyond to extend the reach and influence of Parkour UK across the country.”

“The organisation gained official NGB status less than three years ago. I believe, through amplifying the sport’s success in engaging under-represented groups and uniting young practitioners from across a broad range of social-economic backgrounds, there is an opportunity to significantly grow participation numbers and attract commercial support in order to build a solid, financially sustainable future for the sport.”

Hannah Holland

Hannah is a passionate runner and weekend triathlete. As an active member of Run Wednesdays, a large community running club in Eastbourne, Sussex, Hannah has a personal appreciation of the benefits sport delivers. She adds:

“The physical and mental benefits of regular involvement in sport are well documented and I truly believe that the key to encouraging mass participation is good accessibility and diversity of activity. One size definitely, does not fit all.”

“Parkour or free running is unique in many ways. Whereas many sports are built on the development of formulaic techniques and skills, Parkour is much more free form, enabling practitioners to create their own definition of success and to challenge their own individual boundaries. I intend to help raise the visibility of this incredible sport, ensuring as many people as possible are provided with an opportunity to get involved.”

Parkour UK would like to publicly acknowledge and thank Sport England for their investment into the board diversity programme which was delivered by Perrett Laver and RimJim Consulting – who actively supported the recruitment process for Natasha.

Hannah and Natasha join Steve Mitchell and Tracey Crouch, MP, as Independent Directors on the Board.