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Parkour UK are working to serve, elevate and add value to our community.

We are currently hiring for two members for our “Finance, Audit and Probity Sub-Committee”.

Both of these roles are voluntary.

We are looking to build a team of individuals who come from different backgrounds that support our values; freedom, self-discipline, challenge & community.

Parkour UK and Holacracy

Parkour UK will adopt some of the principles of Holacracy, as we believe this reflects the culture of the community in which we work and represent. 

These principles include embracing autonomy and creative problem-solving capacities and working in agile, self-organising networks. 

You do not need to have any experience or understanding of holacracy to apply but if you are looking for formal line managers to hand hold you, then this organisation will not be the right fit.

How to Apply:

We’re currently hiring for two roles.

Both of these roles are for Finance, Audit, and Probity Sub-Committee members. You can find the job description in the tab below.

Closing date for these applications is Friday, November 10th.

To apply, please send us your CV and cover letter, and complete the equality and diversity form found in the tabs below.

Please send your applications to by 12:00pm on Friday, November 10th.

Our Current Vacancies

2 Roles

Finance, Audit and Probity Sub-Committee Member

Frequency: Sub-committee meetings for 90 mins 4 times per year.
Term – Up to 4 years
Salary: Voluntary Role
Location – Home Based.

Our innovative and growing company is looking to fill the role of a Finance, Audit, and Probity Sub-Committee member.

We appreciate you taking the time to read the list of requirements for the role and to apply for the position.

We would encourage people from all demographics to apply as we want the organisation to reflect the society we live in and work across, people who come from different backgrounds that support our values, freedom, self-discipline, challenge & community.

Any overall success within the parkour community and the wider sports sector will be the result of a combined effort.

We will give encouragement to build partnerships and collective capacity with the intent to co-create, engage with young people, and continue to discover.

Equality and Diversity Form

Finance Audit and Probity Sub Committee Job Description