The Board

The Board is appointed by members and through a recruitment process led by the Chair and CEO. Within the board we aspire to have diverse voices from in and out of the Parkour community.

Exec Team

Dan Newton Chief Executive Officer View Profile Omar Jackson Development Co-ordinator View Profile Chris Grant Development Manager View Profile Tim Yu Chief Medical Officer View Profile

Independent Directors

Appointed by the board and are external to Parkour UK. At least one of the appointed independent directors will hold the position of Independent Chair. Additionally one will hold the position of Senior Independent Director.

Independent Director Hannah Holland View Profile Independent Director Natasha Preville View Profile Senior Independent Director Tracey Crouch MP View Profile Independent Chair Stephen Mitchell View Profile

Elected Directors

The Elected Directors are nominated and elected by the the voting members of Parkour UK and consist of representatives who have nominated and elected by the voting membership across the UK and also one for each Home Nation of the UK – England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland.

Elected Director - England Christopher Keighley View Profile Elected Director - Scotland Richard Marshall View Profile Elected Director - Wales Frazer Meek View Profile Elected Director - N. Ireland Paul Allen View Profile

Workforce Sub-Committee

The Workforce Sub-Committee is made up of invited members, board members and the exec team. Their focus is on developing all aspects of the workforce including staff development, qualifications and CPD. Sub Committee members have a focus on representing the needs and voices of the Parkour community and presenting ideas in the context of the wider sports sector.

Jenny Buckham-Hedges View Profile Scott Jackson View Profile Kirsten Altenbach View Profile Christopher Keighley Elected Director - England View Profile Stephen Mitchell Independent Chair View Profile