Farewell Mitch

The AGM on Thursday will signal the end of the Steve Mitchell’s time as independent chairman of Parkour UK. Mitch has led the board through the early years of development, from February 2013 – July 2021 within which time recognition of governing body status in the UK and funds to employ an executive team were achieved.

Parkour UK have worked with Sam Coppack and his ‘Parkour Coach Companion’ podcast to produce a interview with Mitch which covers many angles.

  • What was / has been the appeal of parkour and Parkour UK for you?
  • What have been the key moments of the 9 years that you have been Chair of Parkour UK?
  • What have you learnt personally from parkour and lifestyle sport?
  • Are any of those insights transferable to other parts of the sport sector?
  • Knowing what you know now, are there any situations that you would have managed differently?
  • What do you think the future looks like for Parkour UK?
  • What is the future for you?

The interview can be heard in full on YouTube here and on Spotify here. Some highlights are:

Parkour & lifestyle sports vs traditional sport (29:17 – 30:04)

“It has made me look at traditional sport in a different way. We don’t always get it right in this country or globally. Does a modern sport offer in a local community truly represent the society its trying to engage? I am not sure it does. And that is where the informal, the fun, the social, the pop up when you can, play when you can, move when you can, and you don’t need to ask permission, you don’t need to join a group and you don’t have to attend a session. That is society reflective. You guys, your generation and the generations pre and post you in terms of the parkour community have grown up trying to shape a different narrative.”

Practitioner Opportunity (58:21 – 58:38)

“If there is one thing that the parkour community have taught me from day one, you are prepared to be resilient, be determined, overcome barriers and challenges. So apply the parkour mindset to jobs, career, life and societal contributions.”

Recognition – Biggest Achievement (21:40 – 22:23)

“The single biggest thing that we have achieved as a community and that I have been hugely proud to be part of is receiving recognition. The recognition journey was brutal. People will never truly understand what went on behind the scenes to get there. I think that the staging post globally of parkour to be recognised and legitimised as a sport, activity, discipline, movement and Parkour UK to be the first recognised national governing body is something that everybody should be inherently proud of.”

Impact on me personally (30:14 – 30:57)

“The connections that I have been able to make behind the scenes, that have allowed conversations to happen, absolutely are based on the learning of meeting and greeting, seeing the power and action of what the community can do. Its not always been unequivocally in the right direction and alongside my value set, but the majority of time and with the majority of people it has been a brilliant personal experience. Has definitely shaped how I will be a father, how ultimately I will try and apply what I have learnt in everything I do moving forward.”

Parkour UK would like to thank Mitch for his commitment over the years and wish him well for the future.