Register as a Participant and/or Professional with Parkour UK for 2019

All Registrations are up to 31st December each calendar year and are renewable on 1st January each year thereafter.

Registration for individuals with Parkour UK includes specific Parkour/Freerunning insurance cover (Participants receive Personal Accident cover and/or Professionals receive Public Liability, Advice, Products Liability, Libel and Slander, Legal Defence Costs), depending on your category(ies) of registration. For full terms and conditions of cover please refer to the Parkour UK policy wording.

*PLEASE NOTE: Parkour UK are currently in the process of changing insurance providers for 2019. Our new insurance provider may provide similar insurance cover to the cover that is currently in place (as detailed below). Therefore, interim certificates of cover will be issued for the month of January 2019 and these will be followed by updated certificates of cover for the remainder of 2019 in late Jan or early Feb 2019.  If you would like more information on this, please do contact us directly. 

Participants Registration includes:

Personal Accident Insurance* – Provides cover to all registered if they are injured while participating in Parkour/Freerunning activities within a recognised and/or designated environment including travel to and from such activities within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

Loss of Sight£20,000
Loss of use of hands or feet£20,000
Loss of one hand or one foot with loss of all sight in one eye£10,000
Loss of all sight in one eye or total loss of use of one hand or one foot£5,000
Permanent Total Disablement^^£20,000
^For under 18’s the Death benefit is reduced to £4,000

^^The basis of cover for permanent total disablement is any and every occupation provided always that the benefits shall not be payable until such permanent total disablement has continued for a period of 12 calendar months 

To find out more about the full extent of the interim cover contact Howden on 0121 698 8000.

Professionals Registration includes:

Personal Accident insurance* – as detailed above 

Combined Liability insurance* – Provides cover for the delivery and/or performance of Parkour/Freerunning activities within a recognised and/or designated environment

Public Liability £10,000,000 any one event (any one period for Products/Pollution/Financial Loss)
Professional Indemnity £10,000,000 any one period
Legal Defence Costs for Health & Safety &/Consumer Protection £250,000 any one period

To find out more about the full extent of the interim cover contact Howden on 0121 698 8000.