Professional Membership

A Parkour UK qualified parkour coach who is providing professional parkour services as a sole trader or individual.

Suitable for: A single parkour coach who works for a variety of clients on freelance or employed contracts

You will benefit from: Discounts on courses and brands, ‘a support needs’ call from a member of the Parkour UK team to give advice within 12 weeks of joining, ongoing direct support and a free Parkour UK tee.

Supporter Membership

An individual looking to support Parkour UK’s work in growing Parkour in the UK.

You will benefit from discounts on Parkour brands, a Parkour UK Tee for £10 and knowing that your contribution goes directly to supporting Parkour UK’s work.

Suitable for: a Parent or a fan of the sport.

Participant Membership

An individual who participates in Parkour - formally or informally - looking to support Parkour UK’s work and have peace of mind should they have an accident or injury.

You will benefit from: Personal Accident & Public Liability Insurance, discounts on brands, regular updates from Parkour UK and a Parkour UK Tee for £10.

Insurance cover for:

Public Liability
Personal Accident
Suitable for: someone who goes to a parkour class or practices parkour