Moving with Purpose Strategy & Progress


This ‘Moving with Purpose’ strategy shares the intentions of Parkour UK through 5 clear objectives designed to build a sustainable and resilient future for the sport.

1. Grow our community – Increasing the number of qualified coaches, growing the number of communities and practitioners and sharing best practice and sustainable models

2. Communicate, educate and influence – Influence and advocacy, a media and communications strategy and Parkour parks and facility guidance.

3. Maximise culture and commercial opportunities – Leveraging investment for social, health and wellbeing interventions, a digital strategy and working with the leisure operator, health and fitness sector.

4. Build our capacity and resources – Securing continued capacity investment for a core team, working in partnership with other lifestyle sports and leveraging external investment through commercial and social partnerships.

5. Insight and impact – Developing an efficient and effective way of capturing participation data and understanding the community (workforce and participants).

The emergence and growth of parkour during the last 10 years represents a period of ‘justification’. Through this strategy we will transition to ‘amplification’ by leveraging necessary resources and effectively promoting, growing and developing parkour across England and the UK.

Parkour UK would like to thank Sport England and 4 Global for their support to develop this strategy.

Progress & Reports

We will update regularly on our progress to the board and the community through reports, consultations, blog posts and other forms of media.

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November 2020 – Enquiries Report Q3.

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