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Parkour UK regards the safeguarding and welfare of everyone and specifically children (under the age of 18) and vulnerable adults to be of paramount importance.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, please ensure that you report any concerns and put good practice into effect. Act on your concerns but it is not your responsibility or that of volunteers, coaches or parents to investigate or decide if abuse is occurring, it is the responsibility of safeguarding experts.

Good practice is built around the following framework:

  • Providing Parkour / Freerunning activities and events that are appropriate to the participants age and ability.
  • Training participants to assess risk-benefit for themselves.
  • Adults avoid 1 on 1 situations with those under 18 yrs.
  • Taking care when recruiting people who will work with children and vulnerable adults, this includes volunteers.
  • Checking and monitoring all workforce in positions of trust that have regular and frequent contact with children and/or vulnerable adults.
  • Adults being aware of the risks to participants and understanding their responsibility to safeguard them.
  • Reporting concerns – not investigating them any more than is necessary to confirm a concern exists.

Our safeguarding policy summary can be found here.

If you have any queries or concerns, or you wish to discuss an issue, please contact our Lead Safeguarding Officer:

Dan Newton /

07920 793728

This includes any concerns about the welfare of children or vulnerable adults either within Parkour/Freerunning or outside of Parkour/Freerunning and any concern over adult behaviour related to the welfare of children including those away from the sport that involve member organisations and/or participants.