Full Application submitted for Recognition with the UK Sports Councils

Following approval from our board, the community & our member organisations at our 2015 AGM on the 21st July 2015, Parkour UK has today (24th August 2015) submitted the full application for recognition with the UK Sports Councils.

The submission of the full application follows the approval of our pre-application by the Recognition Panel on behalf of the UK Sports Councils, on the 26th March 2014.
The submission of the full application, fully addresses the points raised by UK Recognition Panel (which is made up of representatives from Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Scotland, Sport NI & UK Sport), in their decision letter dated 12th July 2013 which approved our pre-application. This approval provided us the opportunity to progress towards the submission of the full application for recognition.

Since we received approval of our pre-application for recognition, Parkour UK has implemented a number of changes at our 2013 Annual General Meeting, our 2014 Annual General Meeting & Extraordinary General Meeting and our 2015 Annual General Meeting. These changes included a number of progressive governance changes to our Memorandum & Articles of Association, as well as the appointment of new Independent Directors, Company Secretary & Elected Directors.

This is a significant and positive milestones in the on-going development and recognition of Parkour/Freerunning in the UK.

We will keep the community, members and partners updated on the progress of our full application for recognition.

#HistoryInTheMaking #GiveParkourAGo