Pre-application for recognition with the UK Sports Councils APPROVED!

Today, 26th March 2014 we received confirmation that our pre-application for recognition has been approved.

The letter from Sport England, on behalf of the UK Recognition Panel (which is made up of representatives from Sport England, Sport Wales, Sport Scotland, Sport NI & UK Sport), confirmed our pre-application for recognition has been successful. The decision follows our re-submission of the pre-application for recognition with the UK Sports Councils on the 4th November 2013.

We implemented a number of changes at our 2013 Annual General Meeting, to ensure that the re-submission fully addressed the points raised by UK Recognition Panel in their decision letter dated 12th July 2013, following our original submission of a pre-application on 1st March 2013.

While our pre-application has been successful this does not yet grant recognition,  however the approval of the pre-application now means that we are being invited to submit a full-application for recognition (which is essentially the final phase to the application process for recognition).

Parkour UK will now be invited to a meeting with the UK Recognition Panel in May/June to discuss the full-application submission process in further detail, the time-scales for the submission and time-scales for when we are likely to receive the decision on recognition. Following the meeting in May/June, Parkour UK will then proceed with submitting the full-application for recognition, which is likely to be this summer following our 2014 AGM, which will be held in July.

This is a very significant and positive milestone in the on-going development and recognition of Parkour/Freerunning in the UK, but also worldwide.

We will keep the community, members and partners updated on the progress towards the full-application for recognition. We will also be providing a full briefing at our 2014 AGM in July.