The UK’s newest #ParkourPark launched in Rastrick, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

The UK’s newest #ParkourPark designed and installed by our facility development partners Freemove has recently launched in Rastrick, Brighouse, West Yorkshire

The project has been 4 years in the making and has been funded by Pennine Housing and SITA. The project working group included:

– FLARA Group (Field Lane All Residents Association), a group working to see and implement improvement within the local area

– Pennine Housing Association – Land owners on which site was developed, and operate and manage a lot of the local housing in the area

– Calderdale Council – responsible for the Inspection/Maintenance of the facility

– Newground – Architects commissioned to deliver the project

The project included the new #ParkourPark including surfacing, in addition to a new youth shelter and supplementary equipment including bins/benches/signage and planters.

The introduction of the facility will hopefully provide a better community cohesion and also provide opportunities to the children, families & young people in the locality to #GiveParkourAGo, as well as engaging in more activities, improve their health and well being and hopefully reduce anti-social behaviour.


If you’d like further information, advice or guidance on#ParkourParks please do contact us on or 020 3544 5834