New Elected Directors Appointed

At 2015 AGM held on Tuesday 21st July 2015, following an open nomination process the membership voted to appoint an Elected Director & an Elected Director for each of the Home Countries (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland). The Nominees were were approved by the Board for election at the 2015 AGM.

The Elected Director was nominated for election by the Members, subject in each case to the approval of the Board. The election of Elected Director was decided by votes cast by all the Voting Members at the annual congress. The Elected Directors (Home Country) were nominated for election by the members in respect of that Home Country (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland), subject in each case to the approval of the Board. The election of Elected Directors (home Country) was decided by votes cast by the Voting Members in respect of that Home Country at the annual congress.

We are pleased to announce and welcome:




Elected Director

Brad has been practicing Parkour for over 13 years following a background in gymnastics. Brad is the founder and owner of Team Kinetix and has had an international career in Parkour including live performance, film and television, several Guinness World Records and coaching parkour to participants from 18 months to grandparents. Brad works hard to pass his knowledge on to the next parkour generation growing as practioners, performers and coaches.







Elected Director – Northern Ireland

Matt McCreary, is based in Northern Ireland and training to become a stunt performer. He has been practising Parkour for the past 7 years and have found it that great that it has led me to pursue a profession in it. At present he has been touring around the UK doing performance acts and shows that incorporate Parkour/Freerunning with fun story lines.



Elected Director – England

Scott holds a Master of Chiropractic degree alongside being the joint Director of the South of England’s foremost Parkour coaching organisation, Train Hard Parkour. Scott was formerly an international-level trampolinist, but instead decided to pursue Parkour back in 2006. Since then, he has been privileged to be involved in film, television, global events and workshops, and has been coaching since 2009. This is where Scott’s passion truly lies; in helping others to develop and to reach their own potential, both through Parkour and through Chiropractic.



Elected Director – Scotland

Gordon has been practicing Parkour for 10 years and has been based in Edinburgh for the past 5 years. During his time in Edinburgh, he has been instrumental to the growth of the Edinburgh Parkour community. He is a founding member of Access Parkourand has been coaching Parkour within Edinburgh and across Scotland. Gordon has coached at a number of events across Scotland, and was heavily involved in the organisation of the Roots of Movement 6 event. His passion for Parkour and the development of Parkour community in Scotland has led him to become the current chairperson of Roots of Movement.

Craig Robinson, Parkour UK, Wales Representative


Elected Director – Wales

Craig, based in Cardiff, started practicing parkour at the beginning of its introduction to the UK after seeing T.V documentary ‘jump London’ in 2003. Craig has become a leading figure in Wales and a huge part of the growth of Parkour in Welsh communities. One of the first generation of Welsh Traceur / Freerunner’s and one of the longest practicing in Wales. With a martial art background, Craig was always creative, playful, adventurous and in touch with his movement. Craig has been involved and performed in film, T.V, news, commercials, events, workshops and has been coaching since 2009. Craig is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing his passion and what he finds most rewarding is inspiring and helping people to fulfil their potential, through coaching parkour/freerunning

Stepehen Mitchell, Independent Chair said:

“2015 has already been an incredibly exciting year in the history of Parkour UK and I am personally delighted that we have found five new Elected Directors of this calibre to help drive the organisation forward. With the ongoing leadership and commitment from our Chief Executive Officer, Eugene Minogue I am confident the community of parkour practitioners and professionals will be inspired to continue to challenge perceptions, engage more participants and deliver even more positive outcomes in the future. At Parkour UK we are committed to develop a National Governing Body of the future, working collaboratively with partners across public health, community safety, sports development, urban design, education and the great outdoors, with the community at heart of every decision we make and a strong Board to govern the discipline appropriately”.

As part of the election of the new Elected Directors & recruitment of the Independent Directors, in addition to the transitional arrangements as part of our Governance changes, Francois Mahop has resigned as an Elected Director as of the 2015 AGM. Francois has served on the board of Parkour UK as an elected director since we were founded in July 2009.

The Board on behalf of the NGB & our community/members wish to formally express and record their significant thanks, gratitude and appreciation to Francois for his contribution as founding member of Parkour UK and his service as a board member. This has enabled us as NGB to be established, develop, progress and break new ground in the sports sector in the UK and beyond. As recognition for the significant contribution by Francois Mahop to Parkour UK, the board offered Francois Mahop the opportunity to take up a role as Governor of Parkour UK, as detailed in our Memorandum & Articles of Association. This was unanimously approved by the membership at our 2015 AGM. Francois joins Chau Belle & Yann Hnautra as Governors of Parkour UK.





With an elite level background in athletics and sports and a degree in Sports Physiology, Forrest has been instrumental in creating a powerful relationship between the original French practitioners and the burgeoning UK parkour community. Forrest has lived in London since 2004 and has been a driving force behind the official recognition of the discipline with the UK sporting authorities, co-founding the world-leading organisation Parkour Generations. Forrest is a founding member of Parkour UK.