New Parkour Parks for Crynant, Wales & Sheffield, England

Our facility development partners Freemove are installing a new #ParkourPark in Crynant, South Wales & Endcliffe Parkour Park, Sheffield this Summer!

Crynant Parkour Park, South Wales

Crynant Parkour Park is a joint effort by Play Works, Groundwork Bridgend & Neath Port Talbot and Crynant Community Council.

Local young people, Traceurs/Freerunners highlighted a need for a Parkour Park in their area and the Community Council allocated a space next to a Skate Park and MUGA that is ideal for a Parkour training facility.

To assess the popularity of Parkour in the area the group asked local Parkour group & Parkour UK members Fluidity Freerun to host taster sessions. The sessions were a huge hit and the Parkour Park is due to be installed this summer.

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Endcliffe Parkour Park, Sheffield

In 2011 the need for a Parkour Park in Sheffield was highlighted by local groups & practitioners. Sheffield City Council have secured £38,000 to provide a new #ParkourPark in Endcliffe park.

Endcliffe Park is a large park in the city of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The park was opened in 1887 to commemorate the Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Endcliffe Park comprises parkland as well as woodland. The portion along Rustlings Road is grassy and used as a recreation whilst the Northern border, separated from the recreation grounds by the Porter Brook, is woodland, and is traversed by many paths.

As well as several monuments a new playground was added in 2008 with many attractions for children. The park often hosts circuses and other events in the summer. There is also a cafe.

The new Parkour Park will mean this park is one of the most comprehensively equipment parks in Northern England and will become a leading facility for Parkour in the North. The new Parkour Park installed this summer.

If you would like more information on how to begin the process of getting a Parkour Park locally please contact us on or 020 3544 5834 or our partners Freemove.

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