New President & Home Country Representative for Wales appointed

At 2014 AGM held on Tuesday 29th July 2014, the membership voted to appoint a new President for Parkour UK & a Home Country Representative for Wales.

We are pleased to formally announce & welcome Sebastien Foucan as President, which he will combine with his existing role of Ambassador and also Craig Robinson as Home Country Representative for Wales.

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President & Ambassador

Sébastien is one of the founders of the discipline and is well known for his views on the philosophy behind freerunning. Sébastien now lives in London with his wife and two children. Sébastien came to prominence in the UK after the showing of the Channel 4 documentaries, Jump London (2003) and  Jump Britain (2005). In 2006 that Sébastien made his acting debut, starring as Mollaka in the 21st James Bond film; Casino Royale. In 2008, Sébastien’s first book Freerunning – Find Your Way was published.

Craig Robinson, Parkour UK, Wales Representative


Wales Representative (Wales)

Craig, based in Cardiff, is one of the first generation to practice the discipline of Parkour in Wales and one of the longest remaining practicing traceur/freerunner in the Welsh community. With a Martial art background, being inspired by Martial art films and his older Brothers and Father, Craig was always creative, adventurous and In touch with his movement.

A core member of Team Fluidity, created by team friend Frazer Meek, was the first parkour/ Freerunning team in Wales established in 2005. From here Craig was involved and performed in film, T.V, news, commercials, events, workshops and has been coaching since 2009.Craig is passionate and enthusiastic about sharing his passion and what he finds mostly rewarding is inspiring and helping people to fulfil their potential, through coaching Parkour/freerunning.