Governance Changes to Parkour UK

At our 2014 AGM held on Tuesday 29th July 2014, the membership voted through changes to the governance of Parkour UK.

A summary of the changes are as follows:

  • Removing the voting category of founding members
  • Only have organisations in membership, no individuals.
  • Having three voting categories:
  1. Associate
  2. Affiliate (subscription fee, 1 vote)
  3. Accredited (subscription fee, 2 votes)

(The above changes would mean result in the introduction of annual membership fees for Affiliate & Accredited members. The new membership categories will be launched in Jan 2015. All current members will default to Associate Members and will have the opportunity to change their category of membership once they are launched)

  • A clause that outlines Parkour UK is the sole UK wide National Governing Body 
  • Limiting appointments of the Directors to two four year terms
  • Setting two four year terms for Independent Directors, to keep this consistent with the Directors
  • Formal recognition of our home nation representatives for the 4 home nations, limited to two three year terms
  • Limiting board appointments to a maximum one individual per member of organisation 

The current changes to our Memorandum & Articles of Association are being finalised by our solicitors and will be submitted to Companies House for formal adoption following the next Parkour UK Board meeting in October. These changes also form part of the planned full application for recognition with the UK Sports Councils (Sport England, Sport Wales, SportScotland, Sport Northern Ireland & UK Sport), which will be submitted to Sport England (for and on behalf of the UK Sports Councils) w/c 27th October 2014, also following sign-off at the Parkour UK Board meeting in October. It is expected the decision on our full application for recognition will be made by Spring 2015. 

Full minutes of the 2014 AGM will be published following sign-off at the next Parkour UK Board meeting in October. 

If you would like any further information on the governance changes please contact us on or 020 3544 5834