Thank You Parul

Parkour UK would like to express a huge amount of thanks and gratitude to our Senior Independent Director, Parul Agarwal, who has stepped up as our interim CEO over the last few months.
Following our induction day on Friday, Parul will now hand over to Sam Bradley, our new CEO.
Parul has made an impact on both the Parkour UK staff team and the parkour community over the last few months. Parul stepped up at a very important time for Parkour UK.
Parul very quickly dedicated her time to Parkour UK, getting up to speed and going above and beyond. For Parul, no challenge was too tough, and she faced each one head-on with enthusiasm, passion, and energy.
When it comes to the staff team, Parul has been approachable, compassionate, and caring, with a huge focus on employee well-being. She has provided a number of opportunities for the staff team to develop and grow within their roles over the last few months.
With the community, Parul quickly identified areas where Parkour UK could be communicating more. Parul helped us run our “Employment Webinar” sessions and led our “Budget Webinar” – which broke down our spending and forecasts for the next year going forward to the parkour community.
Parul also gave parkour a go, visiting Parkour Generations London for the Mother & Daughter workshop run by Women in Sport in collaboration with Parkour UK.
We want to express a huge amount of thanks to Parul for all of her hard work over the last few months and the brilliant impact she has left on the organisation, team, and growth of the sport.
Thank you, Parul!