One Minute Brief: Advertise Parkour

They say when popular culture starts to joke about you, you know have hit the mainstream. For Parkour –  to the amusement and annoyance of parkour athletes everywhere – this has come to be known as THAT clip from the American office. I will say no more……..

Parkour has entered the zeitgeist in lots of ways with and without the help of the community itself – some funny, some silly, some annoying and some creative. This week, the popular Twitter account @OneMinuteBriefs jumped over the proverbial Parkour wall. The account has a simple premise. Each day they post a short design brief for marketers, designers and creators who then respond with their designs in the comments. We were really excited to see this brief appear last week:

One minute briefs also chose their favourites and hosted them on facebook here –

It was really interesting to see what came out and exciting to think that Parkour is now in the popular culture ‘canon’ enough for designers to come up with ideas quickly.

Some were fun, some were slick, some reinforced stereotypes – but all shine a light on our sport in their own way. Our community can be a little guilty (ourselves included) of being precious about messaging. Sometimes it’s important to allow people to have fun and be creative with our perceptions of Parkour and we welcome this!

 We’ve featured some of our favourites below – full credit to all the entries and you can explore their twitter accounts by clicking through to the original tweets.