Free Your Instinct / Esprit Concrete Statement – 30/6/2023

Esprit Concrete and Free Your Instinct announced that the organisations have entered into a strategic partnership that will support comprehensive delivery of parkour as an evidence based method of supporting mental health. This partnership seeks to establish parkour, freerunning and Art du Deplacement as a recognised means of therapeutic support.

The partnership will work to develop participant and coaching development pathways whilst establishing a recognised evidence base of parkour therapy that integrates place, space and person in line with recognised clinical and counselling psychology methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), within services delivered by Free Your Instinct and Esprit Concrete.

Esprit Concrete was founded in 2016 by Parkour Coach and Counselling Psychologist Dr Kasturi Torchia and Parkour Athlete Gogoly Yao, co-creating the Esprit Concrete Method (ECM) of parkour therapy. Esprit Concrete has led on reflective practice within sports practice, coaching and athlete development, working within the UK and internationally.

The ECM offers an integrated, embodied method of delivering evidence-based mental health interventions, fully supported by psychologists, and has been used to promote mental wellbeing awareness through performance, professional development pathways and grassroots community initiatives.

Free Your Instinct is a charity that delivers parkour coaching to those with a recognised mental health need currently in London and Bristol, supporting some of the most at risk, vulnerable populations who are most affected by the inequalities of mental health.

Changes that beneficiaries will see as part of this partnership is the inclusion of the esprit concrete therapeutic method within course design, the establishment of development pathways for both coaches and participants, as well as a new name, Esprit Concrete: FYI.

“From conception, we wanted to ensure the Esprit Concrete Method was accessible and affordable, reducing barriers to participation. I am extremely excited at how this partnership will see this dream flourish, whereby corporate and development ventures provided by Esprit Concrete will further support the sustainability of Esprit Concrete: FYI and its community aims. Having collaborated over the last few years, I am grateful for this new chapter and we at Esprit Concrete are energised by this unique opportunity to strengthen and further our aims”

Dr Kasturi Torchia, Esprit Concrete LTD

“We are really excited to be working alongside Esprit Concrete. Our courses have seen significant demand over the last few years as the mental health impact of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent cost of living crisis becomes realised. This partnership not only enables us to continue to fully and holistically support our participants, it ensures ongoing sustainability, enabling us to meet this increased demand.”

Charlotte Boenigk, Esprit Concrete: FYI CEO