Digital Safety Principles – Parkour UK

Parkour UK’s social and digital platforms are our main channels of communication with the community. We want our digital spaces to be a safe, inclusive space for discussion and sharing of ideas.

We aim to post on our social media channels almost every day with tips and advice, inspirational stories and the latest events in the community. Additionally we regularly share longer form updates through podcasts, blogs and email.

To ensure everyone has a positive experience, we need your help in keeping our digital spaces safe. These are the behaviours/principles that we would encourage when you engage with our platforms:

Celebrate the diversity of our community

We encourage diversity in our community and welcome all to feel safe and accepted. Consider other’s perspectives and challenges they may face when you are communicating.

Assume positive intent

Be kind and courteous, assume positive intent in others and be respectful of differing opinions. There is a small, dedicated team of people who care deeply about their work at Parkour UK who are happy to support you however they can. All members and executive team should be always respected and treated positively.

Feedback, communicate and criticise

Maintain a professional, polite and constructive manner in communication about Parkour UK on public platforms and in individual communication with the team and board members. Healthy debate, feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged but Parkour UK expects views to be discussed respectfully.

Be helpful

Our goal is to build a community that can share their solutions and work together to grow parkour. If you have an opportunity to support a member or bring something positive to the community please do so – and/or contact Parkour UK so that we can help.

Protective Measures

Parkour UK’s priority is the safety of the staff team and the wider community. Our digital platforms are a workplace and we will have a zero tolerance policy on any behaviour towards our team or our community in the workplace which falls outside of the principles above.

Examples of behaviours that fall outside of the principles would be:

  • Use of derogatory language about or towards any individual(s) or organisation(s).
  • Any action towards Individuals or organisations that could constitute bullying, harassment or intentionally harming another.
  • Attempts to discredit, shame or embarrass members of Parkour UK or the organisation as a whole on our platforms.

Behaving in a way that falls outside the principles above will result in immediate blocking from interaction with any of our social media channels.

  • If the individual(s) responsible for the behaviour are not members, they will not be informed of this action.
  • If they are members they will be informed by email of the action.
  • We will also report the posts using the reporting mechanisms on the relevant social media programme. 

Lifting of any blocking or digital bans is at the discretion of Parkour UK.

Reporting and Contact

If you see something that you think falls outside the principles of this policy you can DM us through any of our social media channels – @parkouruk or email