Board Updates – March 2024

Following our AGM at the end of 2023 and elected member elections early this year, we are pleased to announce some board updates.

Representing the community as an elected director, we welcome Dan Timms. Dan is director and coach at JUMP Parkour, and a tutor for Parkour UK.  Dan has designed several parkour parks around the country and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience.  I know he is excited to contribute to the next phase of development for the organisation.

In the same director elections Chris Keighley was elected for a second term, well done to Chris.  Our third elected director Richard Marshall continues in his post until 31st August.

We would like to thank Frazer Meek for his contribution to the board over several years. Having representation from the membership is hugely beneficial, allowing the board to be more closely connected to the community.  Frazer has done that, led by his passion for Parkour, so a big thank you. 

This summer we will be looking for further elected directors, so if you feel you can make a positive contribution to the future of Parkour UK, please do consider putting yourself forward.  If you would like to discuss these opportunities informally then feel free to reach out.

We also wish our Independent Director, Natasha Preville, all the best for the future as she will be leaving the board at the end of her tenure. Natasha has been a huge advocate for diversity and inclusion and has brought significant experience to the board. Natasha has successfully led the ED&I Sub Committee, sat on the Nominations Sub Committee, and starting the process for our Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP), a crucial part of our Code for Sports Governance requirements, which are mandatory to receive Sport England Funding. We are currently in the recruitment process for Natasha’s replacement. 

Thank you to everyone who contributes to the Parkour UK board. These are all voluntary positions requiring a significant amount of time and energy from all.  I’m personally proud of the work you all do, with the best intent for Parkour in the UK at the forefront.  We look forward optimistically to the future, continuing to represent and support our community.

Dr Tracy Rea