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Parkour UK 1st4sport Introductory CPD Award in Teaching Parkour/Freerunning (QTS)

Date: Tuesday 19th December 2017

This is a one day teaching CPD course for qualified teachers (QTS) in the UK. It is not a coaching or instructing qualification.

This CPD is designed to introduce teachers to the fundamental concepts and training principles of Parkour/Freerunning for use as part of a physical education / school sport in an education setting. It serves as an introduction, and enables teachers to initiate basic Parkour/Freerunning training within the school environment.

If a school wishes to embark on a more developed Parkour training programme for its students, we strongly recommend engaging a Parkour UK 1st4port Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Parkour / Freerunning (QCF) qualified coach (please refer to our statement on delivering Parkour in an education setting). This CPD award is limited to indoor activities only.

This CPD can be built upon through attendance on the Parkour UK Intermediate CPD Award in Teaching Parkour / Freerunning (QTS, PE) course, so that the Teacher may then, if willing, go on to take the full Parkour UK 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Parkour / Freerunning (QCF) qualification.

The CPD is built around the principles of Discovery, Challenge and Play. Spotting, use of equipment and health & safety are concepts taught throughout the course.

  • Introductory ‘Wake-Up’ Route
  • Parkour as a Concept:
    Definitions and misconceptions. History/notions of journey / challenge / methodology of training / indoor training. Parkour as discovery, challenge and play for young people.
  • Warm-up and Cool-down:
    Introduction and practise of the core elements of a warm-up for parkour training, including parkour specific activities such a quadrupedal movement techniques, CNS activation, aerobic, muscular and joint preparations for physical activity. The importance of physical conditioning.
  • Attributes over Technique:
    Quality of movement, natural, quiet, soft, control, balance, agility,
    co-ordination, spatial awareness, fluidity, instinctive movement.
  • Basics of Displacement 1 :
    Introduction to passement (Step/speed/reverse/pop vaults), jumping and balance: how to spot for these activities and manage the practise of them in a group. Teaching points, progressions, adaptations, extensions, support.
  • Health & Safety for Indoor Training:
    Spotting, use of equipment, managing enthusiasm, importance of managed risk.
  • Basics of Displacement 2:
    Landings and Rolls, arm jumps, passement 2 (saut de chat, tic-tac, slide monkey, passe muraille): how to spot for them and manage the practise of them in a group.
  • Teaching Safety, Supporting and Leadership in Parkour:
    Pupils supporting, pupil risk assessment and personal responsibility, leadership tasks, group challenges and individual challenges. PK Peers.
  • The 3 Pillars of Parkour:
    Maintaining the ethics and philosophy of the art within training.
  • Combinations and the use of games:
    How to utilise the day’s learned movements in combination to create routes of movement which encourage practise of a variety of movement types and techniques. Focus of the concept of fluidity and unbroken movement.


19 Dec 2017


09:00 - 17:00


Benfield School Benfield Road Newcastle Upon Tyne NE6 4NJ
Benfield School, Benfield Road

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