Unit 1

Parkour UK 1st4sport Unit 1 Participating in Parkour/Freerunning

What does this unit award cover?

Through practical participation under the supervision of a Parkour UK qualified coach, the learner will learn and develop basic skills fundamental to Parkour/Freerunning. The learner will learn and practice their skills in a supervised and controlled environment.

Who is this unit award designed for?

Successful achievement of the Unit Award is designed to provide benefit to learners on the basis that it recognises their achievements through participating in Parkour/Freerunning. It does not provide competence to coach, teach or instruct Parkour/Freerunning activities.

It is one of a number of pathway Unit Awards available from Parkour UK.


Award Number U1PPK
Notional Learning Time <10
Entry Age 8
Unit Specification Download

Prior to registration, learners must be:

  • be accurately identified
  • a minimum of 8 years of age
  • able to communicate effectively in English (this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing). Learners must be able to understand the requirements of the qualification and the information within the qualification materials in English without assistance. Where there is demand, this qualification may also be available in Welsh or Irish

Additional requirements:

  • hold a personal accident insurance for the duration of the course or hold a valid registration with the Parkour UK – Parkour Professionals Register

Outcomes to be achieved

In successfully completing this unit the learner will have

demonstrated the ability to;

  1. attend and participate in at least three given Parkour/Freerunning training sessions;
  2. perform all warm up and stretching exercises, as instructed;
  3. land correctly following a jump down from a small height;
  4. practise a roll from a crouching position;
  5. maintain balance and correct posture whilst walking along a raised, thin obstacle such as a rail or a thin beam;
  6. perform a precision jump from and to a raised obstacle e.g. rail, thin beam;
  7. perform a step-vault;
  8. perform a side-vault;
  9. perform a speed-vault;

shown knowledge of;

  1. when it is and isn’t necessary to perform a roll when landing from a jump;

demonstrated the ability to;

  1. perform a basic cat leap;
  2. combine at least two learned movements in succession;
  3. complete a short route as laid out by the coaches, demonstrating balance and control over own movements;

acquired an understanding of;

  1. the ethos and spirit of Parkour/Freerunning;
  2. the importance of warming up and stretching before training;
  3. the importance of safety when engaging with Parkour/Freerunning activities;
  4. how to control and develop own balance, posture and body movements;
  5. the correct way to land from a jump i.e. bending own knees within a 90-degree angle;
  6. why it is important to roll correctly

Evidence required

Assessed by the coach supervising the session(s) by means of observation (1-9, 11-13) and discussion (10, 14-19)

All assessments recorded on the Summary Sheet.

For learners, the qualification is supported by the following resources:

  • Parkour UK 1st4sport Unit 1 Award in Participating in Parkour/Freerunning Summary Sheet
  • Parkour UK 1st4sport Unit 1 Award in Participating in Parkour/Freerunning Learner Resource
  • Internal assessment tools
  • Information handouts

For our coaches, the Unit Award is supported by the following resources:

  • Generic administrative guidance and tools
  • Unit Award Specification outlining the requirements of delivering and assessing the Unit Award, including a recommended learning programme
  • Tutor/Assessor Guidance
  • Internal assessment tools

We really appreciate your feedback on your learning and assessment experience. We use this feedback to revise and amend our qualifications to ensure they remain current and valued.

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Fees are charged per learner and provide registration and certification for the Unit Award, as well as a Parkour UK 1st4sport Learner Resources.

Type Registration Fee Discount requirements
Standard £45.00pp  n/a
Associate Member Organisation £42.00pp When booked by an organisation with a valid Associate membership with Parkour UK. Please contact us with your membership number for a discount code.
Affiliate Member Organisation £40.00pp When booked by an organisation with a valid Affiliate/Affiliate+ membership with Parkour UK. Please contact us with your membership number for a discount code.

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This is a non-regulated Award and does not sit on the QCF or RQF