Elected Directors

Chris Keighley

Chris was part of the first wave of Parkour practitioners in the UK starting around 2004. He has been a strong presence in the community as an early influence in the London scene and is prolific in the parkour coaching community as a coach for Parkour Generations and a tutor for Parkour UK and ADAPT Qualifications.

Chris has been a constant presence in the community as a practitioner, coach, speaker and advocate for Parkour. In addition to his position at Parkour UK he is a board member at Parkour Earth – influencing the progress of parkour at an international level.

Richard Marshall

Richard is a battle-hardened entrepreneur turned digital industry analyst and consultant. Richard spotted the potential of smartphone apps very early on and founded one of the first specialist firms dedicated to mobile. After 18 years of start-ups and growth companies, he switched to producing many important thought leadership research reports and helping emerging technology companies explain what they do. He started practicing Parkour in 2018 and it immediately became an important part of his life because of the whole body exercise, the mental impact, the amazing supportive community, and because it is just so much fun. I am delighted to support the national governing body as a small recompense for the immense benefit I receive from Parkour.