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The home of imagination, creativity, movement, well-being and holistic health
‘My E-motion’ is the term we’ve adopted to describe our holistic health and well being. Otherwise known as ‘ME’. Our aim is to develop and build our students emotional stability, spiritual energy & movement ability to become both efficient and expressive, limited only to individual capability & creativity.

Offering our customers a choice of participating in fun, new & exciting activities that are designed to build on you or your child’s cognitive ability and physical literacy.
Our mission is to build resilient, healthier communities through provision of a range of services that will include but are not limited to; development of physical literacy skills; improvement of emotional and social well-being and ensuring the inclusion and equality of opportunity for all ages and abilities. Our aim is to encourage passion for imagination, expression and creativity. To inspire through sports, movement activities or mindfulness.

My E-motion focuses on developing the fundamental movement skills required for movement vocabulary. Which include balance, strength, dynamism, endurance, precision, swimming, throwing, catching, spatial awareness and creative vision. It is a way of training the body and mind in order to be as completely functional, effective and liberated as possible in the physical realm, and a way of thinking based on rigorous self-discipline, autonomous action and self will.