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Esprit Concrete works with the public and professional athletes to deliver holistic interventions tailored to the individual psychological, socio-emotional and physical needs of the clients regardless of motivation. We integrate psychotherapeutic approaches with Art du Deplacement/Parkour to deliver a bespoke training style that normalises therapy inclusion to increase retention with our sport as well and minimise lack of progression. The Esprit Concrete Method was created in 2016 and centers around currently novel research into people’s own subjective experiences of quitting to better equip people to enjoy their practice of Parkour, achieve their goals and work on things that our team may feel they could benefit from. Our services and interventions run within a training group and 1:1 context around London and abroad, as well as in combination with 1:1 therapy sessions if appropriate. We specialise in coaching, training, education and research and are a very ethnically and educationally rich team with a family approach to work that fosters a great environment for self-development (or so we are told!) – please do get in touch – we are waiting to meet you!