My name is Callun and I have been coaching parkour since 2017.

As a huge mental health advocate, I understand the importance of moving to benefit your mental health.

I have taken further training and CPD courses in mental health to help people get out of their minds and into their bodies.

I tailor my sessions around your goals, whether you’re starting parkour for the first time, finding mental blocks in your training, or working towards a specific challenge, I use a combination of my parkour knowledge and experience with mental health tools in order to help you become the best version of yourself possible!

Services Provided: Parkour Classes, Parkour Performance & Media

Level of qualification: Level 1, Level 2 Parkour UK Qualified

This professional provides services in the following locations: Traversal Gym, Crawley

Spiral Freerun CIC

At Spiral Freerun CIC, we specialise in providing an array of Parkour/ Freerunning services with the focus on improving the mental and physical health of all participants and staff whilst to creating a diverse and inclusive community for everyone to get involved with.

Contendunt C.I.C.

Contendunt is a community project that works on raising awareness and starting conversations about mental health within parkour. Contendunt has become a leading group for mental health within the parkour community, running various in person and virtual suicide awareness training courses. They also run “Progression Street Sessions”, which are outdoor training sessions that have a focus on promoting social interaction.

Contendunt is the first parkour business to be recognised by the mental health charity CALM, and their work has inspired others to start conversations and take steps to making their social circles and facilities are more open place when it comes to mental health.