Parkour facilities

Dorchester Parkour Park Campaign

Recently there has been various coverage in and out of the
Parkour community about the surprise removal of the Parkour Park in Dorchester.
This removal appears to have happened without consultation of its users and
without an effort to understand the local Parkour communities’ use of the facility. 

Parkour UK’s Development manager Chris Grant met this morning with a group made of up Parkour practitioners, coaches and facilities experts Ten Parkour (Natural Sports)  to discuss the issue and to look at how the group can take action to have the park reinstated or relocated.

There has already made progress with a radio interview, coverage of the issue by Travis Verkaik of The Motus Projects and communication with the local council.
The local community is supported by Train Hard Parkour who run classes in the area.

Parkour UK fully supports the group and welcomes dialogue with local council and any other parties connected to the build and removal of the park. We will continue to stand behind the Dorchester Parkour community on this issue.

If you are interested in supporting the group’s campaign please keep an eye on their website here DT1 Parkour.

If you are in a position to support in anyway please feel free to contact –