Qualification Statement – Parkour UK

Since 2017 Parkour UK’s qualifications have been separate and distinct from the ADAPT Qualifications Ltd. certifications and do not form part of the same system or pathway of qualification.

The delivery, awarding and administering of these qualifications is completely distinct and not related.

Holding a certificate in ADAPT Level 1, 2 or 3 does not also transfer to the Parkour UK qualifications listed below. This means that currently an ADAPT qualified coach cannot sign off hours for a Parkour UK qualified coach and vice versa.  This has been a subject of some confusion for our workforce over the last 4 – 5 years and we are aware the distinction has not been communicated clearly.

We recognise that there are a small cohort of Level 2 coaches who participated in courses around 2015 – 18 who were unaware of the changes emerging and may have been left with no clear distinction of who recognises their qualification. This could prevent access to Parkour UK insurance or prohibit them from signing off Level 1 coaches.

To rectify this and allow Parkour UK and our workforce to progress we are offering a reduced rate reassessment for any Level 2 coaches who have both:

  • A Level 2 certificate which does not feature the Parkour UK Logo AND
  • Completed their Level 2 qualification between 2015 and 2018 in the UK.

Reassessment dates will be set as soon as possible and you can contact Chris Grant – Development Manager at Parkour UK for further details. On completion of reassessment you will be issued with a Parkour UK Level 2 Qualification.

Parkour UK recognises that the early relationship with ADAPT has been fundamental in the growth of the Parkour workforce and are pleased to see that ADAPT Qualifications Ltd. continues to thrive around the world.  Our role is distinctly to develop the UK workforce and we believe our qualifications and infrastructure should be led directly by our staff & tutors in-house. The direction of our qualifications offering can be influenced by our members through the Workforce sub committee which is made up of representatives from our membership, tutors, board and external qualifications experts.

Parkour UK’s Current Qualifications:

Parkour UK – as the national governing body for Parkour in the UK – offer the following qualifications listed below.

They are valid for coaching Parkour in the UK and also recognised as the only valid qualifications that must be held under Parkour UK’s insurance. This insurance is accessed through professional or affiliate + membership.

Assistant Coach:

1st4 Sport Level 1 Assistant Coaching in Parkour and Freerunning (RQF)


1st 4 Sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Parkour and Freerunning (RQF)


Introductory CPD Award in Teaching Parkour and Freerunning (QTS)

These qualifications are Awarded by 1st 4 Sport, regulated by Ofqual and mapped to CIMPSA professional standards.

The qualifications are subject to assessment and internal/external verification in line with our awarding body.

Please direct any queries in relation to this statement to the following contacts.


Parul Agarwal – Interim CEO Parkour UK –

Simon Vardy – Workforce Lead –

This Statement was agreed by Parkour UK’s Workforce Sub Committee on 11/01/2021.

All mentioned parties were sent the statement prior to its publication.

This statement was amended to update the contact details on 18/07/2023.

Download the statement here.