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Documentary on Parkour: ‘Turning Point’

BYUtv series, ‘Turning Point’ is a series of documentary films that tell the stories of ordinary people who have done extra-ordinary things for the benefit of others. In this episode, they take a look at affiliate Parkour Generations and revisit a pivotal choice – their “turning point” – and explore how that choice changed them forever.

‘Turning Point’ is this decades Jump Westminster, the ground breaking documentary which documented Parkour Generations “turning point”.

The documentary not only follows Parkour Generations in the work and developments, but charts and details how they came about and the significant work they pioneered in partnership with the City of Westminster. In addition it showcases some individuals and young people that they have managed to impact through Parkour. A truly inspiring watch . . .



Parkour Generations on BBC’s The One Show

Tonight, Friday 22nd March, Affiliate and world leading professional parkour organisation Parkour Generations will appear on the BBC’s flagship The One Show.

The feature is a commemoration of the historic BBC Television Centre which closes this month as the BBC relocates to a new Regent Street site in central London. The TV Centre was the home of British TV for over 50 years, and was the location for many now-classic and timeless TV shows including Fawlty Towers, Only Fools and Horses and of course the BBC News.

Parkour Generations choreographed and performed an action piece that will go out on The One Show, showing some of the UK-based team bringing parkour to the the entire grounds of TV Centre. The show airs at 7pm tonight on BBC One, so don’t miss it.

For more information on the Parkour Generations Academy and how to join any of their more than 20 regular weekly classes.

IGNITION by Northern Focus Parkour & National Theatre of Scotland

Great work being done by affiliate organisation, Northern Focus Parkour & our Scotland Representative Chris Grant of Glasgow Parkour Coaching in partnership with National Theatre of Scotland in Sheltland, one of the most northernly points of the UK.

Book you tickets now to go and see #IGNITION

O2 Untouchables – The World’s most exciting Rugby team

The Rugby Football Union have launched O2 Touch, which aims to get more people playing touch rugby.

As part of the promotion, they have created The Untouchables, the world’s most exciting touch rugby team. Featuring a mix of male and female athletes including Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff from affiliate organisation, Storm Freerun.

Touch is a non-contact form of Rugby where tackles are replaced by touches. Often played informally, appealing to sports enthusiasts and those looking for an alternative way of keeping fit through a fun game, which needs only a ball and a few jumpers for corner flag.

This demonstrates the versatility of Parkour/Freerunning and how the fundamental skills and techniques can be transferred to many other sports & activities.