Parkour UK L2 Qualified

Joel Howells

I am a highly experienced coach and have a wide range of experience, working with small children (4yrs+) all the way up to seniors (60yrs +). I have worked with some of the key figures in Parkour including Seb Foucan. I also have experience in working in many settings including one to one, schools, clubs and NCS.


I’ve been coaching since 2012, founding the Oxford Parkour Community. Now I live in London and am a coach with Foucan Freerunning Academy, as well as other ad hoc work. As well as the physical and practical benefits with parkour, I enjoy the empowerment and personal development which comes from it and helping people to become more confident, better at overcoming challenges and working with their emotions and mental state.

Jason Cheung – Movement Toolbox

Hello! My name is Jason and I’m an experienced parkour coach based in West London.

I enjoy pulling in aspects of multiple disciplines within my training and coaching to encourage holistic movement styles. This can include acrobatics, tricking and partner work. I also have experience in on-screen and live performance through special action/stunt work and circus performance.

Parkour training really is for everyone, whether you’re a dancer, stunt person, martial artist or just looking to have fun whilst being physical. Difficulty can be scaled to whatever level you’re at and there is rarely an activity more satisfying.

Get in touch and let’s begin!