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Fluidity Freerun Academy

Fluidity Freerun was established in 2005 by the first crew of Welsh freerunners. Years later this grew into a professional team of coaches, performers and athletes. Pioneering the scene from Cardiff, the team have worked worldwide but focused on grass routes with coaching in the community. This has led to the dream of openeing up our very own indoor Parkour Center – Fluidity Freerun Academy. We are a world renowned facility with a 7 day timetable of classes, open training, courses and more , catering for all ages!

Our team is growing and available for all sorts of work UK and worldwide – from coaching, performance, stunt , consultancy and plenty more through our professional network.

Thanet Parkour Academy CIC

Thanet Parkour Academy has been put together by some of Thanet’s most experienced Parkour practitioner’s. Our Innovative strategies seek to provide learners with Physical Education experiences that are immersive, engaging and fun. TPA’s diverse experience and aptitude have contributed to our growing success.

TAG Youth Club for Disabled Young People

TAG aims to empower and optimise the potential of young people who have a disability between the ages of 8 and 25 who live, learn or earn in Richmond and Kingston. This is achieved through informal and experiential learning in order to gain knowledge, skills, make informed choices and to assist in their personal development within a safe, caring, well equipped, fully accessible environment. Children and young people are given the opportunity to participate in a wide range of personal and social development activities including arts, drama, music and sport.

Fluidity Freerun Academy

Fluidity Freerun are the original professional Freerunning group in South Wales. Starting in 2005 , and over the last decade we have performed across the world, ran hundreds of classes and community workshops, we have worked on many adverts, films and productions , as well as providing consultancy, stunts and many other services!

Fluidity Freerun Academy opened in 2016 , and is the largest bespoke Parkour/Freerunning center in the UK. With a qualified and professional team with up to 15 years experience in the Parkour scene, we have a 7 day timetable running from classes to workshops, parties, open session training and everything else inbetween!