PK Peers Certificates from Sports Leaders UK

PK Peers Certificates from Sports Leaders UK leaving the Parkour UK HQ today.

The Parkour UK ADAPT Sports Leaders UK Award in Leading Parkour/Freerunning, also known as ‘Parkour Peers’ or ‘PK Peers’, is a new introductory course to develop leadership skills in young people aged 13+ within a school or community setting, enabling them to activate interest in Parkour and to support a Parkour session or class led by a qualified teacher or coach. The award goes hand-in-hand with the Parkour UK ADAPT 1st4sport CPD Award in Teaching Parkour / Freerunning, which helps qualified teachers (QTS) understand and implement fundamental Parkour concepts into lessons. PK Peers is a fantastic ways for schools / clubs / organisations to engage young people in an inspirational physical activity and Parkour has proven to be a massive success in schools.

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