Parkour UK issues further correspondence following FIG response


As the recognised custodians of the recognised sport of Parkour/Freerunning in the UK and to protect and promote the integrity, rights, freedoms and interests of Traceurs/Freerunners (practitioners of our sport), our member organisations & the UK community – as well as by legitimate extension the international Parkour/Freerunning community – Parkour UK feel that it is both necessary, expedient and prudent to provide a further correspondence to Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) following their response (just 190 words and 7 paragraphs) to our second letter dated 26th May 2017 to ensure our sport is neither misappropriated and/or encroached upon by FIG internationally and/or nationally by any FIG member National Federations.

A full copy of the email response received from FIG in relation to our second open letter can be downloaded here.

A full copy of the further email correspondence to FIG from Parkour UK can be downloaded here & attachments 1 (Parkour UK first open letter), 2 (Parkour UK second open letter), 3 (The Mouvement Statutes) & 4 (The Mouvement registered personnel as of 30th May 2017)


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