Parkour UK appoints Playwaze as it’s technology partner

Playwaze, the innovative website and mobile app for organising sports activities, has been chosen as the official technology partner of Parkour UK.

The Playwaze solution provides Parkour UK with a seamless connection to their community of member organisations, professionals and participants, making the Parkour UK website a dynamic portal into real time activity in the sport.

The Parkour UK app, powered by Playwaze, will enable the Parkour UK community of organisations and coaches to attract new members by automatically promoting their profiles, courses and sessions straight from the app onto the Parkour UK website. They can also engage directly with their own members, manage activities and accept payments.

The system also provides great membership insight to Parkour UK, as the NGB can access details of all course bookings, sessions and registrations.

Eugene Minogue, Chief Executive of Parkour UK, explains: “One of our key objectives is to continue to embed, develop and utilise digital platforms for our sport and community.  The Playwaze platform will enable Parkour UK and our member organisations to attract more professionals and participants to the Parkour UK Registration scheme – the Parkour Professionals Register, which provides insurance for individuals as well as a number of other benefits including the Parkour UK app, powered by Playwaze.

“As our technology partner, Playwaze has provided an integrated app solution that gives us greater visibility of Parkour organisations and individuals greater control over their professional profiles and will ultimately help drive revenue through increased registrations.”

Rupert Jenner, founder and CEO of Playwaze, comments: “Playwaze was developed to get more people playing sport more often by using the power of mobile technology. The solution we’ve provided for Parkour UK demonstrates how the Playwaze sports app can be seamlessly integrated into broader systems, creating an integrated ecosystem that can deliver immediate benefits to both the NGB and their community of organisations and individuals.

“Our partnership with Parkour UK will see further integrations over the coming year to make Parkour UK a key support vehicle for their communities.

“Parkour is all about the freedom of expression and Playwaze provides the opportunity for Parkour UK to exercise support and governance without sacrificing freedom or introducing unnecessary administration for its communities.”

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