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Max Pattenden

Ever since starting training parkour when I was 13 years old, parkour has stuck with me as a huge crutch for both my physical and mental health, and provides a healthy outlet throughout my life for overcoming challenges and maintaining some of the best friendships I’ve ever made. I am qualified as a Level 1 Assistant Coach, and my motivation to coach comes from the positive effect on my life that my coach has had in the past, and the desire for more people to be involved in the sport that plays such a huge part in my life. Coming from a relatively younger standpoint when it comes to the community, I feel that I can play a relatable role to children when coaching, and I hope to give participants the opportunity to practice and learn more about their body’s capabilities and to learn to overcome mental challenges.

Chris Keighley

I discovered parkour through Jump London in 2003, and have been passionate about the practice, my training, and sharing experiences with others ever since. I have been coaching parkour since 2007 and tutoring coaching courses since 2010.

Frazer Meek

A professional athlete, coach and performer based in Cardiff (South Wales). With experience since 2005 , Frazer has unrivalled experience in the region and has ran various freerunning companies in the UK – the most notorious of this is “Fluidity Freerun” and its Academy (the largest indoor freerun centre in the UK)

Frazer has a vast range of experience, from performance (festivals around the world , from staged circus performances, to walk about acts , high profile corporate gigs and shows) to media , adverts, TV/Film , News , Radio and stunts.

Frazer was one of the first qualified coaches in Wales and over the last 14 years has been delivering regular parkour classes , sessions and working with schools to deliver parkour in the curriculum (And extra-curricular)

An ex member of UrbanFreeflow and a Red Bull Art Of Motion athlete (representing UK) are other tools on his belt.


A professional Parkour coach and performer for over a decade, having delivered workshops in the UK and internationally. Experienced in delivering one-on-one tuition, regular larger classes, and as part of a team for events with hundreds of participants. Previously worked closely with a pioneer and founding member of Parkour & Free-running, and presently teaching regular classes for all ages in the West Midlands of the UK, occasionally adapting the skills gained over a decade of training to work in TV, film, and on stage.