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Chris Keighley

I discovered parkour through Jump London in 2003, and have been passionate about the practice, my training, and sharing experiences with others ever since. I have been coaching parkour since 2007 and tutoring coaching courses since 2010.

Frazer Meek

A professional athlete, coach and performer based in Cardiff (South Wales). With experience since 2005 , Frazer has unrivalled experience in the region and has ran various freerunning companies in the UK – the most notorious of this is “Fluidity Freerun” and its Academy (the largest indoor freerun centre in the UK)

Frazer has a vast range of experience, from performance (festivals around the world , from staged circus performances, to walk about acts , high profile corporate gigs and shows) to media , adverts, TV/Film , News , Radio and stunts.

Frazer was one of the first qualified coaches in Wales and over the last 14 years has been delivering regular parkour classes , sessions and working with schools to deliver parkour in the curriculum (And extra-curricular)

An ex member of UrbanFreeflow and a Red Bull Art Of Motion athlete (representing UK) are other tools on his belt.


A professional Parkour coach and performer for over a decade, having delivered workshops in the UK and internationally. Experienced in delivering one-on-one tuition, regular larger classes, and as part of a team for events with hundreds of participants. Previously worked closely with a pioneer and founding member of Parkour & Free-running, and presently teaching regular classes for all ages in the West Midlands of the UK, occasionally adapting the skills gained over a decade of training to work in TV, film, and on stage.