NovaCity Announces FREE Youth Sessions

Early in September, NovaCity, an activities center based in Rotherham and Barnsley, announced that they would be running FREE youthwork sessions.

I spoke with Liam Norbury (@liamnorbury), a parkour coach at NovaCity, who kindly gave us some information on the free sessions.

The sessions are funded by Rotherham MBC, the universal youth work programme. The aim of the session is to help contribute towards tackling the cost of living crisis by providing free access to physical activities in the community, not just in parkour, but all the activities we do. (The sharing ideas and movement to provide a healthy lifestyle.) By using physical activites as a guide, we can then bring in other services that the youth need, and what diversionary activities to contribute to a stronger community.

Liam Norbury, NovaCity Coach

The free Friday sessions at NovaCity Centre in Rotherham are running until March 2023.

The parkour coaches at NovaCity are also running an Under 16s speed competition and jam day in October, with Liam saying “the main focus for the event is to bring the younger community together.”

This kicks off on October 23rd, where they run speed competitions for under 8s, under 12s, and under 16s, before finishing the day off with a jam.

It is clearly apparent that Liam and the team at NovaCity want to serve the community they are in. A recent article from The Metro (Read Here.) stated that

As a result of the bleak financial situation, nearly a third of UK parents said that their child has missed out on a sporting opportunity over the past year because of the costs involved.

Metro Article – Linked Above

Liam and NovaCity’s efforts are truly inspiring. For more information on NovaCity’s sessions, visit their website, linked here.