Nominees for Elected Director 2018

Following the recent announcement of the collective resignation of the Board of Parkour UK, Parkour UK invited nominations for home country Elected Directors. 

We really are encouraging everyone within the Parkour/Freerunning community to think about these roles on our Board, as there has never been a better time to positively impact the continued growth and development of Parkour/Freerunning across the UK. 

Detailed below is the list of nominees which have been approved by the Board, their seconders and their election statements for the roles of Elected Directors.

Elected directors will be appointed at our 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday 8th December 2018, 12pm in London, England. 

Members are advised to read through the election statements below in advance of the AGM. If you cannot attend the AGM it is advised that you download the Proxy Voting Form, complete and return this by 6pm on Friday 7th December 2018 to ensure your organisations vote is cast and counted.


Nominee:           Christopher Keighley, Parkour Generations

Seconder:          Tim Hurst, JUMP Parkour

Election Statement: 

I have been involved with parkour since 2003, and have been coaching and tutoring around the UK and internationally since 2007. I am passionate about spreading the values and benefits of parkour to all, whilst helping to build and facilitate professional excellence across the UK network of coaches and organisations. I have extensive experience of coach education both domestically and worldwide, as well as working within parkour in a range of roles over the last 11 years, and look forward to using this expertise and international perspective to help Parkour UK flourish and grow successfully in the years to come.

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Election Statement:


No valid nomination was received in-line with 28.2 of our Mem & Art’s. 

The role of Elected Director for Scotland will be reopened for nominations and elections held at a future General Meeting (AGM) which could be held circa Q1 of 2019 or the 2019 AGM, which is due to be held in circa July 2019


Nominee:         Paul Allen, Jump NI

Seconder:         Craig Robinson, Fluidity Freerun

I am the founder of Jump NI and the driving force behind Parkour in N.Ireland. I am passionate about the development of Parkour and the benefits of participating in Parkour workshops for people of all ages. I want to push Parkour in the right direction. 

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Nominee:          Frazer Meek, Fluidity Freerun

Seconder:         Scott Jackson, Train Hard

Election Statement: 

I have been active in the Parkour scene since 2005 UK wide (predominantly in Wales). Spearheading the first teams, communities and organisations,  most notably Fluidity Freerun, South Wales Parkour and Fluidity Freerun Academy. Creating and running of websites , social media, events, jams and meetups as well as industry work. Since Parkour UK’s inception, I have been involved in many meetings prior to recognition, and all of the AGM’s that have occured as well as the first Level 2 coach in Wales. Now, with Fluidity Freerun Academy we have a solid base here in Wales, with thousands of practitioners using our venue and a huge social influence on the sport and its teaching/coaching in Wales. The Academy has become a worldwide name, and my 13 years professional experience in Parkour and the Welsh scene, puts me as an ideal candidate for the position of Welsh Representative on ParkourUK’s board.

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Parkour UK’s 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday 8th December 2018, 12pm in London, England. 

This years AGM will be held at Moberly Sports Centre, 25 Chamberlayne Road, London, NW10 3NB he following documents will be made available in preparation for the meeting:


  1. All current Parkour UK Members are invited to attend. All members must RSVP by 6pm on Friday 7th December 2018 if they wish to attend in person, this will help us in our planning and administration of the Annual General Meeting. Members are able to appoint a proxy to attend and vote in their place. A proxy need not be a member of Parkour UK
  2. Entitlement to vote is based on the company’s current Memorandum & Articles of Association.  ALL proxy votes must be received (either by post or email) by 6pm on 7th December 2018
  3. If you have any queries relating to the AGM please contact our Chief Executive – Eugene Minogue on or 020 3544 5834
  4. Independent invigilation of the AGM will be provided.