Nominees for Elected Director – 2016 AGM

Detailed below is the list of nominees which have been approved by the Board, their seconders and their election statements for the roles of Elected Directors.

Elected directors will be appointed at our AGM on Saturday 9th July, 6pm in Edinburgh, Scotland. Members are advised to read through the election statements below in advance of the AGM. If you cannot attend the AGM it is advised that you download the Proxy Voting Form, complete and return this by 5pm on Friday 8th July 2016 to ensure you vote is cast and counted.

Nominee:           Dan Timms, JUMP Parkour

Seconder:           Brad Moss, Southend Parkour

Election Statement: 

I am a keen advocate for growth of Parkour in the UK and feel I can contribute positively to both the discipline and the NGB in the role of Elected Director. One of the areas I would strive to cultivate is the development of PKUK’s workforce. Facilitating the professional development of coaches will create organisations with greater capacity. This will allow more practitioners to access the discipline.

Currently I’m a director at JUMP Parkour and operate as a facility designer for Natural Sports. This has given me experience in many of the skill areas required for the role. Parts of my Masters degree were also dedicated to some of the skills required (notably business and marketing).

I am a friendly, outspoken person with a strong sense of community and fairness. I am also willing to work hard to produce results and leave a positive mark on the Parkour community.

Nominee:           Jade Shaw, ParkourDance

Seconder:         Jacob Peregrine-Wheller, West Coast Parkour

Election Statement: 

Jade Shaw is artistic director of Parkour Dance Company (CIC) that runs an academy, youth company, older people’s programme and professional performance collective in London. She has over 13 years experience of leading projects in education, community and performance contexts worldwide.

She strives to make parkour accessible to people from all walks of life for well-being & performance purposes. Her Forever Young programme deals with fall prevention and social isolation in seniors, Sacred Sons helps ‘at risk’ young men find purpose in their lives and the PKD Academy develops leadership qualities in young people.

As elected director Jade will build local and international partnerships, promote performance parkour, devise CPD workshops and be a voice for the female parkour community. She believes parkour can be used not only to heal, transform and catalyse the mind and body but also for positive social change.

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Parkour UK’s 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Saturday 9th July 2016, 6pm at The University of Edinburgh‘s Peffermill Playing Fields facility – Laurie Liddell Clubhouse, 42 Peffermill Road, Edinburgh EH16 5LL

This years AGM will be hosted by Roots of Movement‘s ‪#‎ROM7‬ Roots of Movement 7 event in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The following documents will be available in preparation for the meeting:
  1. All current Parkour UK Members are invited to attend. All members must RSVP by 5pm on Friday 1st July 2016 if they wish to attend in person, this will help us in our planning and administration of the Annual General Meeting. Members are able to appoint a proxy to attend and vote in their place. A proxy need not be a member of Parkour UK.
  2. Entitlement to vote is based on the company’s current Memorandum & Articles of Association.  ALL proxy votes must be received (either by post or email) by 5pm on 8th July 2016.
  3. If you have any queries relating to the AGM please contact our Chief Executive – Eugene Minogue on or 020 3544 5834.