Backstage: Jump – in rehearsal

See the great work our affiliate organisation Glasgow Parkour Coaching are doing with the National Theatre of Scotland #JUMP

Directed by Simon Sharkey and Phil McCormack

“You have to overcome fear. The world is your obstacle course. You see things other people do not.”
Tyson Cecka, traceur.

Jump fuses physical theatre, storytelling and the movement discipline of parkour into a fluid and freshly devised theatrical production. Jump is more of a gig than a show; where the audience are invited to share in the music choices, personal stories and discoveries of two companies of young men as they journey from boyhood to manhood. Using the grace, flow and style of parkour, the Jump companies explore the challenges and obstacles they face growing up in an age of unprecedented change.

Over 1000 secondary school boys from across Fife and Glasgow were introduced to the core Parkour values of critical thinking, self-discipline, determination, and teamwork. They explored what it is to overcome the physical, mental and emotional obstacles encountered in the process of initiation into the world of manhood. They also accepted the challenge to take some risks, be creative and make some brilliant theatre. In doing so they were invited to follow the advice of Sebastien Foucan, founder of the parkour movement, and ‘Find your way.’

The 50+ pupils taking part in Jump include boys from Glenrothes High School, Auchmuty High School, Kirkcaldy High School, Kirkland High School, Woodmill High School in Fife and Lochend High School and St Mungo’s Academy in Glasgow.
Join them to share what they discovered.

A National Theatre of Scotland co-production with ON at Fife, in partnership with Strathclyde Police, Fife Education Service and Fife Community Safety Partnership.