In successfully completing this unit, the Learner will have:
1 attend and participate in a Parkour/Freerunning training programme
2 perform, without instruction, appropriate warm up and stretching exercises
3 perform a basic roll from a standing position
4 perform a Tic-Tac, with or without a supporting hand
5 perform a forward jump off of a raised obstacle and combine with a roll
6 perform a running precision jump, taking off from both legs
7 perform a Kong Vault
8 perform a Turn Vault
9 perform a Slide Monkey vault
10 perform a Cat Leap and climb up on to a given obstacle
11 combine at least three learned movements in succession
12 maintain balance and posture whilst walking along a raised bar or beam
13 maintain balance whilst moving along a raised bar using the cat balance technique, ie quadrupedal movement
14 ensure safety considerations underpin own actions at all times
15 reflect on and evaluate own progress with the instructor on at least one occasion
16 spatial awareness and depth perception in relation to executing Parkour/Freerunning moves
17 the importance of physical conditioning
18 the importance of being healthy and looking after own body to develop strength and stability.

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